There are few animals that sum up the romance of the world as well as the elephant. The largest living land animal in the world, the elephant is a symbol of wisdom in some Asian countries and the old adage ‘an elephant never forgets’ alludes to their long memory and intelligence.

They take good care of their young and they mourn their dead. They have no natural predators apart from man. They have a special place in the hearts of many people around the world.

Small wonder, then, that the elephant has long appeared in human arts and crafts and is a favorite subject for items of jewellery and bodily adornment.

When elephants are incorporated into necklace designs they can be represented in a number of different ways. From a highly realistic to the very cartoony they can be depicted in any way to suit the style you wish to achieve.

The cartoony style can be appropriate if you are in a frivolous kind of mood or when buying a necklace for a child. A more abstract grown-up and sophisticated design can be what is warranted if you’re in a sophisticated kind of mood.

The Design of Your Elephant Necklace

The elephant motif on your necklace can be plain metal such as gold or silver and platinum or for some real link can be encrusted with semiprecious or precious stones or diamonds.

For a real authentic ethnic look, your elephant necklace can be crafted from natural materials by craftsmen in Asia or Africa, helping communities in these counties and indirectly helping to sustain the natural environment of the elephants.

Elephants come in two basic types–African and Indian (Although the African type is sub-divided into the African bush elephant and the African forest elephant). The African elephant is bigger and has large flappy ears. The Indian type is smaller with smaller ears. Whilst many elephant necklaces will have motifs with a stylized elephant, if you have a particular favourite type of elephant you need to make sure your necklace depicts the type you like.

The elephant necklace is a wonderfully versatile piece of jewellery which can be worn for all types of occasion. The more simple design can be used for everyday wear and can be discreet as you like or large and attention-getting. Whichever style you choose an elephant necklace is sure to add a bit of fun to your jewellery box.

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