Necklaces have always been one of the most popular items of jewellery. Frequently made of precious metals such as silver and gold they often contain precious stones and gems. The necklace has been around about 40,000 years. Often seashells bones, and animal teeth were used to create net adornment.

There are many types of necklace:

The bib necklace  – This is made of many strands of pearls stepped sizes

The matinee necklace – these are usually between 22 and 23 inches long and usually a single strand that sits at the top of the cleavage.

The choker – usually 14 to 16 inches long and sits close and high around the neck

The opera necklace – this is 30 to 35 inches in length and rests at the breast bone.

The princess necklace – this is somewhere between a choker and matinee length and is usually 18 inches to 20 inches long

Rope necklace – this is sometimes also called a sautoir  and is generally any necklace that is longer than Opera length.

The uniform necklace – this is a pearl necklace which is made of pearls which appear to be the same size but in reality they shrink slightly towards the ends for the best proportion.

Diamond necklace – this is simply any necklace that includes diamonds. There are many different types of diamond necklace available including the Diamond eternity necklace.

The lariat necklace – this kind of necklace has no clasp and is usually worn in the style of a lasso. This is facilitated by a loop at one end.